March 19, 2013

Ricky Hooks

These Q&A's with my customers are my favorite!
Everyone I sell to is unique in so many ways. I'm always so inspired when I get a customer to answer some questions and send me some pictures.
keep them coming, please!
 I'm so excited to bring to you all this week an electric spirited, Gaga lovin, artistic youngin from W. Virginia.  
Ricky Hooks  
1. I am a native to Florida, but I have lived in West Virginia for five years now.
2. Right now I am a full-time student, but I intend on becoming something big. I am going to double-major in journalism and art, however I want to do something that really changes lives. I want to make a difference. I aspire to be a role model for other LGBT youth, who see me and my uninhibited and crazy looks and think, "nothing stopped him from being himself. Why should I let someone else change me?"
3. My favorite place I have been so far, because I will be traveling to my dream places New York and Spain in the next month or so, would have to be this small beach in Florida that very few people know about- it is studded with masses or corals along the shore, and its sands are so clean- it's all very tranquil!
4. My closet is a giant fashion faux pas; I have Hollister shirts next to studded blazers next to leather against your retro-pop top next to (faux) fur bumping into silk or crazy thirteen-inch heelless heels or hooker boots next to flip flops and knock-off Vans- it's almost overwhelming! But my favorite piece currently is a little vintage denim jacket I attacked with bleach, silver studs and distressing. It's so retro-rebellion, and I take great pride in it!
6. I can honestly say I could not live without spare studs and rhinestones! I am constantly warned to "step away from the BeDazzler" or risk intervention, but I have to lay every single stone by hand and hot glue! It's a labor of love, but lord, it takes an eternity to birth a real quality studded creation by hand!!
Geo Printed Knit JacketGeo Printed Knit Jacket
Thank You for the inspiration Ricky Hooks

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