October 18, 2012

Tedonna in Paris

I try to friend request everyone who buys transformed items out of my Etsy shop in hopes that I will see them wearing their Tedonna purchase. Recently I have sold this floral fringe blouse to an extremely unique woman from Norway.


Solvår E. 

Some Q&A w/ Solvår

Where are you from?
Stavanger in Norway

What do you do, or aspire to do?
I'm working one year now trying to figure out what I should do. Maybe I'll be an architect!

What is your style?
Who knows. I don't think I have my own style. Movies, music and magazines pulls me in different directions. But I mostly dress in sweet and vintage among friends.

What are your favorite places to shop for clothing?

Recently I've been a little hooked on etsy.com hehe. I also like United Colours of Benetton and Acne because they sell clothes without acryl. Though H&M has really upgraded fashion-wise the last years, so I looove them too!

What is a must have everyone should have in their closet?
Everyone should invest in som basic pieces that's not made from acryl/nylon. It may seem useless, but I mean just a few pieces that you can mix with everything.

Special Thank you to Solvår for the amazing pictures. This picture in front of the Eiffel Tower will probably forever be my favorite. I love this picture!

Thank You for the Q&A, the amazing pictures and your business to the shop www.tedonna.etsy.com  

October 3, 2012

All Denim Dress

 All Denim Dress Before...

After Transformation...

Salvaged Lace found at a thrift store near my home Town. .50 per yard
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