January 31, 2013

Soft Brushed Fabric Dress

  Christine Szczepaniak          

Photography by Christine Szczepaniak
I recently had the pleasure of receiving these amazing photos from this extremely talented young photographer, wearing a dress she purchased from my shop. Check out Christine's flickr Or her website for more awesome photos. 
Photography by Christine Szczepaniak

Q & A With Christine

 1)Where do you live? 
Omaha, NE, USA

2)What do you do? or aspire to do?
I'm currently a junior in high school, but I hope to go to school to receive further education in photography.

 3) where is the best place you have ever been/visited?
The best place I have ever visited would have to be Minneapolis, Minnesota. I love the city life there, and the arts and music are definitely awesome.

4)What is your favorite article of clothing in your closet?
skirts! I love wearing skirts, I hardly ever wear pants. 

 5)What couldn't you live w/o? 
my camera. 
Thank You Again Christine for your Photos & your Tedonna Purchase. 
Soft Brushed Fabric Dress


January 29, 2013

B & A

Before &  After



Just a few subtractions & this disaster of a dress is now a fun over sized jacket.



January 28, 2013

DIY Grid Print


Measure and tape off horizontal then vertical lines & paint away.

& there you have it.. Grid Print Sleeves

January 27, 2013


Figure Skate Hem

Before & After

Once was a Saks Fifth Avenue DW3 dress--Now this blouse is what I like to call the figure skate hem blouse.
I couldn't pass up this dress when I saw it for a few reasons:
1: The fabric quality ( sheer, light weight, basic color, basic print)
2: Can be worn any season
3:Enough Fabric to have leftovers for another creation.
4: Quick Transformation.


January 16, 2013

From Oversized to Fitted


 Separate top from bottom.
 Cut 1" from both sides of bodice.
 Take in front & back neckline.
 Gather waist of skirt.
 Sew bodice & skirt back together.
 Sew elastic around the waist.
 Cut skirt to desired length & hem. 


January 15, 2013

Before and After

Tedonna Liz Wear Vest Top

LooK At ALL That Denim!


Tedonna Liz Wear Vest Top
Hardware can really make a piece-
But a 12 snap front closure was an over kill So I cut it
down to 7.
Tedonna Liz Wear Vest TopTedonna Liz Wear Vest Top
Quick & easy transformation... & you have a new layering piece
to add to your wardrobe.  
Thank you,
 Buyer — ataylor109
I hope to get pictures soon of how you styled Your Tedonna purchase.

January 9, 2013

Tedonna Giveaway

Free   Shop Giveaway  Free
One Lucky Winner gets a Free item of their choice @ www.tedonna.etsy.com
(item must be $20 or less)
What do you have to do?
If you're already a follower:
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   post a comment under this post describing
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Who said Nothings free anymore?
Don't miss out.
1/16/2013 is the deadline 


January 4, 2013


.New to the shop.
 Both For only $10
Retro Printed Flower Bud Top
Vintage Embellished  Cream Sweater



Do YOU want a 50% off coupon from Tedonna?
All you have to do is send me a few pics of yourself in your Tedonna purchase!!

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