When I was creating a name for my recycled clothing line I wanted it to be simple, unique & most importantly have significance. After much time & thought I came up with Tedonna. My Grandmothers names are Teda and Donna put them together and Voila! My grandmothers have been so much of a positive force in my life that I felt it necessary to name my online business after them.
Thank You Grandma. I can only hope that I've made you both proud:)
Teda   &   Donna
This blog is created by me to document the new life of a recycled piece of clothing. I like to call it a thrifted clothings Biography. 

                                     In my shop I Have different sections
The Tedonna Section contains 100% refashioned items.
The Reborn Section contains non altered already amazing in their original state thirfted Pieces.(I know, it's a mouthful)
Thank You to all who follow/shop/and all of you who are featured.
Stay Unique,
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