November 17, 2012

Aimee (Sol)

Sleeveless pastel button down
From the (reborn collection)

 This super sweet & unique Customer Aimee, purchased this reborn item from my shop We had an agreement that I would give her free shipping if she would send pics of herself in her Tedonna purchase, & answer a few "about me" questions. I held up my end of the bargain & as you will see, so did she!  

Aimee (A.K.A Sol)

 a little bit about me:

I am from Bedford, Va near the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.
I am a free lance photographer who travels a lot mostly to Haiti to help document the works that missionaries are doing to help the orphans there.

My favorite vintage piece is a gold watch necklace I got from my Great Aunt Stella, I wear it almost everyday!

I couldn't live without my Madewell denim and vintage tops
My style inspirations would be those who mix materials, textures, old and new pieces. I have an eclectic, vintagey, style with a mountain-girl vibe :)

Special Thank You Sol! it was a pleasure doing  business with you!  I love the pictures as well as the amazing q&a with you. Its unique people like you that make this blog so much fun to write.

Thank You, Truly.

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