August 22, 2011

How do you style it?

It has been an amazing month for the shop, lots of purchases but most importantly new customers. Big Thanks to you, Tedonna shoppers. 

I want to make a main focus on my blog to incorparate my customers. And so ive asked all of my customers to kindly send pictures of themselves in their Tedonna purchases. I think that this would be an amazing way for people to see how differnt you style your purchase. Not only will this make for an interesting blog but you as a follower of the blog can get all different style ideas, because as you know no two people are alike and everyone is unique.

Posted proudly by Tedonna. One of my beautifuly stunning customers in her Tedonna purchase "Floral Lace Inset Dress"

 Thank You For your purchase
aidabarbaida aidabarbaida

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